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Seize the Day 1/1

Title: Seize the Day
Author: saturninesmile 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing:M. Shadows/Frank Iero
Warnings: Explict sex and homosexual relationships.  Also unbetaed like woah
Summary: The whole band knew about Matt’s crush on Frank and he was sure that they would be teasing him later
Authors Notes: Written for dandygrrrl for a fanfic meme that I posted.   Hope it is what you wanted.


Frank stood at the side of the stage and watched Avenged Sevenfold play. He was a fan of their music, but being a touring musician himself, he had not managed to see them play before now. He was impressed, they were very good, and their vocalist, M. Shadows, Matt, was particularly impressive, at least to Frank.

Frank had a type. He liked his men to be taller then him, muscular and have tattoos. He also had a liking for men with lip rings, which explained his tiny crush on his band’s drummer. Not that he would ever act on it of course, he valued the band too much for that. However, he wouldn’t mind having a “thing” with this guy. He wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, so to speak.

M. Shadows glanced over to the side of the stage as he took a sip of bottled water between songs. He spotted Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance standing in the wings, watching the performance. He blushed slightly and hoped that he could blame it on the lights. Synyster caught his eye and glanced to where he had been looking. He saw Frank and smirked at Matt. The whole band knew about Matt’s crush on Frank and he was sure that they would be teasing him later.

The rest of the show went well, as usual and after the encore M. Shadows headed off stage and found himself approached by Frank.

“Hey, I’m Frankie.” Frank thrust a hand out for Matt to shake as he mentally kicked himself. He didn’t know what he was doing, it was not a good idea to introduce himself, he would probably make an ass of himself when it turned out that Matt didn’t like him.

Matt felt himself hesitate when Frank offered his hand. He couldn’t believe that Frank Fucking Iero was introducing himself. He eventually overcame his shock and shook the offered hand. “M. Shadows, but you can call me Matt.” He knew that it was a bad move, but he couldn’t stop himself from leaning forward and speaking into Frank’s ear. “How about we move this someplace quieter?” He braced himself for rejection but Frank just nodded, looking like all his Christmases had come at once.

Matt gulped and grabbed Frank’s hand. He pulled him through the backstage crush of people and into a closet that he had spotted earlier. They squeezed in and Frank pulled the door shut before pouncing on Matt.

They tore at each others clothing as their lips met with a crash. Frank slipped Matt’s belt off and fell to his knees. He licked up Matt’s length before taking it in his mouth. He couldn’t quite take it all in, he was experienced but not too good at deep throating. Frank swirled his tongue around the head and Matt’s head went back and hit the wall with a crack. Matt bit his lip, struggling to keep quiet as he tangled his hands in Frank’s hair and tried to urge him to take more. Frank gagged a little but didn’t stop.

Finally Matt came with a loud sigh and Frank pulled back, swallowing as best he could, but some of Matt’s come leaked out and down his chin, a small trail of white.

Matt regained his breath and saw Frankie looking up at him, all debauched and he pulled the other man up so that he was standing. He licked Frank’s face clean and pulled him into a possessive kiss, his hand trailing down the shorter man’s stomach to grasp at his erection. Matt set up a rhythm that had Frank groaning into his mouth and finishing embarrassingly early. Frank slumped against Matt and Matt wiped his hand off on a mop that was conveniently placed next to him.

The two men kissed lazily in the afterglow and fought their bodies need for sleep. Eventually they straightened themselves up and left the closest sneakily, so that no one would see them. They headed straight to the venue showers, aware that they smelt of sex. As they rinsed their bodies down, Frank turned to Matt and said “so, we’re in town for a few days, and I think you are too?”

Matt nodded. “So you want to meet up again?” He asked eagerly.

“I was actually thinking that we could make this… official?” Frank asked and looked so hopeful and Matt was so happy that his only reply was to kiss Frank madly under the steam of the shower. He was so glad that he had decided to seize the day.

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