Rainbow Tits Mcgee (misdreya) wrote in bunnyficcorner,
Rainbow Tits Mcgee

Soo.... I'm new here.

Hey peoples! I know this place is mostly Banddom, but I figured I'd post this here and see what you all think!
It involves House and Wilson, from the tv show House, M.D in an AU where demons and angels are the main characters. ^_^
I've already got 5 chapters done, so I'm posting the fifth chapter here, but I would follow the links (points down) to read through all the chapters first, since the 5th won't make any sense without them.

Title: The Weary and Blasphemous, Chapter 5
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Severe AU
Disclaimer: not mine x infinity.
Summary: Greg remembers an old friend that might be able to help them. They just have to catch him on a day when he hasn’t had Crazy-O’s for breakfast that morning. Also, we get to see our boys dance.
Notes: (the horizontal mamba)

chapters: one, two, three, four (chapter 5 link in the title)
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