Princess Burger Flipper and Lady Of The Fries (dandygrrrl) wrote in bunnyficcorner,
Princess Burger Flipper and Lady Of The Fries

blood and roses: The creatures from beyond

Title: Blood and Roses: They came from beyond
Pairing: A lot
Rating: Overall NC-17

Summary: Set in the RD au, Frank Iero is a submissive fertile vampire, Gerard Way is a dominate. What happen when aliens try to take over? Umm of course this is 100% serious.
Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone but I might try kidnapping bhahahaha.
Warning: Oh I don't know everyone in the god damn book I guess. If you're a grammer Nazi your head might explode, I mean look who's writting this. Crack written as 100% serious.
chapter one )chapter two )chapter three )chapter four )chapter five )chapter six )

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